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DI 2 Technologies

DI 2 Technologies  was founded in 2004 with the goal of having the broadest offering of high performance textile fibers, yarns and non-wovens "under one roof"

  • Annually we distribute over $USD 25,000,000 in high technology, value-added products from sources in North America and Asia

  • Products include 12 high performance textile fibers, a suite of flame resistant (FR) yarns, and technical non-wovens.

Business Model

We collaborate with customers to design novel, new products that they can make and sell which provides sustainable, profitable growth.  Our customer's success drives the demand for our technical fibers.

What Separates Us From Competition

  • Supply Assurance - Shortened supply  chains via safety stock on US soil for shipment within 24 hours.

  • Product Assurance - DI 2 performs on-site, rigorous qualification  of suppliers and their products to assure consistent compliance with specifications, suitability for application and ease in processing.

  • Product Optimization - We work with customers to identify opportunities to improve the products, translate the needs into revised production specifications and offers these OEM products exclusively to its customers 



DI 2 Technologies was founded and is owned by William E. (Bud) Younts, a textile engineer and technology-based business development expert with over 40 years' experience in high performance materials.

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DI 2 Technologies

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